Vietnamese President: Vietnam will not make alliances with other countries to Russia’s detriment

20.06.2024, Hanoi.

Vietnam is not going to join alliances that could harm Russia, President Tho Lam said June on 20 at a press conference following talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Vietnam, like Russia, will not enter into alliances with third countries to harm our countries’ independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will also not oppose third parties,” Lam said.

The Vietnamese leader called Russia one of the priority areas of the country’s foreign policy.

From June 19 to 20, the Russian president is on a state visit to Vietnam.

On June 19, Vladimir Putin said in an article timed to coincide with his visit to Vietnam that “our country’s great friend Ho Chi Minh” was at the origins of cooperation between the two countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency