Korean media: Direct confrontation between Russia and USA is becoming a reality

18.06.2024, Pyongyang.

A direct confrontation between Russia and the United States is becoming a reality, according to an article by North Korea’s Central Telegraphic Agency (CTAC) published on June 17.

The article was published ahead of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea.

“A direct clash between Russia and the United States, NATO and a direct confrontation between nuclear powers, the worst since the Cold War, is becoming a reality,” the article reads.

CTAC writes that Russia’s superiority is becoming more and more evident, and Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is not only a fight for the country’s security and sovereignty but also for stability in the region and the establishment of a just new world order.

“A holy war against imperial hegemonic forces,” the CTAC emphasizes.

The article emphasizes that when the United States and the West failed to achieve their goal of Russia’s “strategic defeat,” and the situation on the battlefield began to change not in their favor, they allowed Ukraine to carry out strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

“Today, the special military operation under the leadership of [Russian] President Vladimir Putin is turning into a nationwide holy war for sovereignty, national honor, international justice and peace, and this victory is becoming more and more evident. Russia’s military superiority on the Ukrainian front is now becoming more and more obvious,” the CTAC concludes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency