Russian Armed Forces soldiers capture neo-Nazi militants near Kharkov

14.05.2024, Moscow.

Russian soldiers of the Sever Group of Forces captured militants of the neo-Nazi groups Kraken (organization banned in Russia) and Brotherhood (organization banned in Russia) during the fighting near Kharkov, the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry informed on May 14.

“On May 10, we fought with a Russian unit, they pelted us with grenades, we were taking cover in a dugout <…> We laid down our weapons, put our hands up and asked them not to kill us,” one of the Ukrainian captives said in a published video.

He noted that the captured Ukrainian militants were treated well. Medical care was provided to the wounded. The militant said that he did not want to fight anymore as it was hard for him to see the deaths of many of his comrades.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency