Russian hackers publish Putin’s words about Victory on Ukrainian websites

10.05.2024, Moscow.

Russian hackers hacked Ukrainian websites, specifically the websites of universities, gymnasiums and other educational institutions, and published Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words about the brotherhood of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples celebrating Victory Day on May 9. The hacker group Kilobyte told this to RIA Novosti on May 9.

“Today Russian hackers have successfully congratulated pupils and students on the websites of Ukrainian educational institutions on our common holiday – Victory Day,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

The congratulations and explanations about the common history and the common victory of the Soviet people over Nazism reached more than 100 websites across Ukraine, mostly educational institutions. The hackers did not sabotage the work of the resource, but on the main page posted a slightly abbreviated collage of Putin’s words, “We have always – and you know my position – considered the Ukrainian people a brotherly nation. I still think so. And what is happening is, of course, a tragedy, our common tragedy! But it is not the result of our policy.”

The text of the Victory Day greeting develops the idea of the common history of Russia and Ukraine, “Dear Ukrainians, our grandfathers fought against fascism side by side, today is the day of our common victory, on which we congratulate you! Happy May 9! Happy Victory Day!”

The hackers also urged Ukrainian soldiers who do not want to die for the Kiev regime to use the 149.200 radio frequency with the call sign “Volga.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency