Kurginyan: The Crocus City Hall terrorist attack is intended to destabilize Russia

23.04.2024, Moscow.

The Crocus City Hall terrorist attack was intended to destabilize the situation in Russia in order to eventually gather a pseudo-Russian ultra-rightist rebellion, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and analyst Sergey Kurginyan said on April 8 in an interview to Belarusian channel BelTA.

Kurginyan told how false-flag operations are performed. An appropriate infrastructure is created, and the trigger-men first receive guarantees of security after they commit what the instigator needs, but later they are given up “in order to make their information dominating.” The trigger-men must only know what the instigators need them to know.

This is a major special operation, which, firstly, is based on the choice of the target, secondly, on using certain preparations and logistics, and thirdly, on exposing appropriate frontmen. Fourthly, these frontmen are controlled by someone else,” the political scientist explained.

Then the trigger-men are given “exactly in the proper hands” to launch the information they have.

Whatever you do to him, be it a knife or electric shock, he knows what he knows, and this what he will say. But he knows what his masters need him to know,” Kurginyan explained.

If similar operations take place in Russia, the next phase will be escalation through a clash between an ultra-rightist pseudo-Russian movement and radical Islamists or other forces.

As this escalation begins, the question is what can be added to it. Of course, it is only a pseudo-Russian ultra-rightist rebellion that can be added to it,” the political scientist said.

Meanwhile, the Nazi underground will be activated, which stays in Russia in contrast to the Nazis that defected to Ukraine and that are now attacking Belgorod. Further, in order to escalate the situation in Russia, “a sort of a militarized incident has to be initiated according to the principle ‘we are not happy, this is not great enough, we need something else.’”

This will give a chance to rock things out of balance. To this end, however, one has to make a stake on the structures that tend to this, which can do this,” the expert stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency