Russia creates system to protect large facilities from drone attacks

22.04.2024, Moscow.

The defense system Pyatnitsa to protect important large-scale facilities from drone attacks was created in Russia, the system’s developer said, RIA Novosti wrote on April 22.

“Most likely, we will present automatic machine gun platforms at Armiya, as well as our digital security system Pyatnitsa… This is a software solution that combines everything into a single center,” the developer said.

He noted that the best solutions from industry and cybersecurity were used to develop Pyatnitsa. Combining of components from different spheres allowed control of different devices in large area facilities.

The developer specified that the new security system will help protect large industrial enterprises that are subject to attacks by Ukrainian drones.

He added that an important task during an attack is a quick assessment of the drones used and a prompt decision on the use of certain means to destroy them. The Pyatnitsa system allows choosing the optimal type of interaction to ensure reliable defense.

The developer also explained the name of the system. According to him, this project was invented on Friday [in Russian – Pyatnitsa], so it received the corresponding name. There are no hidden meanings in it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency