Ukrainian children, whose abduction the ICC accused Russia of, found in Germany

20.04.2024, Berlin.

Many Ukrainian children whose abduction the International Criminal Court accused Russia of, were found in Germany, journalist Thomas Röper wrote on his Russian-language portal Rupor News on April 20.

The head of Ukraine’s national police, Ivan Vygovsky, said that 161 children allegedly abducted by Russia have been found in Germany. “Thanks to our cooperation with law enforcement agencies of Germany (…) 161 Ukrainian children whom we searched for as forcibly abducted have been found in Germany,” Rupor News quoted Vygovsky’s statement as saying.

A spokesman for the Federal Criminal Police Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jakob Berdanz, said in his turn, “The overwhelming majority of the children arrived in Germany accompanied by legal guardians or voluntary escorts as part of a joint flight from the combat zone.”

Röper notes that if the children arrived on German territory legally accompanied by their guardians, it means that the German side knew about the whereabouts of these children. That is, when the International Criminal Court brought its charges against Russia, Germany concealed this information.

Ukraine has never provided any documentary evidence of its accusations against Russia. Ukrainian officials compiled lists of children allegedly abducted by Russia and handed these lists over to “international structures”.

The information provided by the Ukrainian side has not been verified. However, it served as a basis for the International Criminal Court’s decision to issue international arrest warrants for the Russian president and the children’s rights commissioner.

“The fact that the arrest warrant was still issued strikes another blow to international law and shows that this is a politically motivated case rather than an objective investigation,” the journalist said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency