Berliner Zeitung: The West should recognize the possibility of Russia’s victory

15.04.2024, Berlin.

Western countries should recognize the fact that the situation in the zone of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine has changed, and Russia now has an opportunity to win, journalist Thomas Fasbender wrote on April 15 in his article for Berliner Zeitung.

After 780 days of conflict, “it is time to realize the reality of what is happening,” the journalist wrote, adding that Kiev needs several hundred thousand trained soldiers and large stocks of equipment and weapons for another offensive.

Taking this into account, statements by some Ukrainian politicians about reaching the 1991 borders look “illusory”, the Berliner Zeitung journalist emphasized.

“In Germany, the same stamped formulas are reproduced all the time, ‘Russia has no right to win. Ukraine must not lose.” It has. It must. As if Germany has a right to choose. Are you even interested in reality?” Fasbender commented on the prospects for ending the conflict.

The journalist also advised Western politicians to change their communication style with the Russian side and recognize the current reality.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency