Crowds of Ukrainians rush to get international passports due to mobilization law

14.04.2024, Warsaw.

Huge queues of Ukrainians who want to quickly get an international passport before the new law on mobilization finally comes into force in Ukraine have formed in Warsaw, the Strana weekly reported on 14 April.

The media published a video that shows a large room densely filled with people, the vast majority of whom are men of conscription age.

One can hear a woman’s voiceover shouting out the last name of someone whose turn has come up, and that person responds that he is in the room.

According to the publication, the agitation in obtaining passports by Ukrainian citizens is due to the fact that after the entry into force of the new law on mobilization military conscripts will be able to obtain a passport abroad only by providing a military ID card.

Similar huge queues of Ukrainians rushing to get a passport are observed in Prague.

The mobilization law, which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky may sign in the next two weeks, also penalizes evading mobilization and abolishes the provision on demobilization after three years of military service.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency