Polish Foreign Minister announces creation of “European Legion”

12.04.2024, Warsaw.

European defense is an idea whose time has come, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told the Greek newspaper Kathimerini on April 10.

According to Sikorski, the EU is in the process of building a European military capacity called a Rapid Deployment Capacity. But he personally refers to it as the “European Legion.”

According to the Polish foreign minister, countries like Poland and Greece, which have been spending a significant portion of their GDP on defense for years, will have to shoulder much of the defense burden against Russia. European defense is an idea whose time has come.

According to Sikorski, there is no talk of forming a unified European army.

According to Sikorski, the situation in Ukraine is ambiguous: on the one hand, Ukraine was able to force Russia to withdraw from the part of the Black Sea, but on the other hand, Russia was able to win two significant victories at Artyomovsk and Avdeevka.

“Ukraine, a country without a navy, forced the Russian Black Sea Fleet to withdraw from half of that sea. Grain exports from Odessa through the Bosporus are back to almost pre-war levels. This is a great success,” Sikorski stated.

Asked about a possible US withdrawal from NATO if Donald Trump wins the election and whether his victory would be bad news for Ukraine, Sikorski said, “These are excellent questions, but I don’t dare to answer them.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency