Russia creates a system to protect communication satellites from external attacks

11.04.2024, Moscow.

Specialists of the Russian state satellite communications operator Unitary Enterprise Kosmicheskaya Svyaz developed and put into operation a software and hardware system designed to protect Russian communications satellites from external attacks, the company’s director general Aleksey Volin said in an interview, TASS informed on April 11.

Volin answered in the affirmative when asked about the work of the protection system for Russian communications satellites, “Yes, it is completed.” He also confirmed that the system has already been successfully launched and is operating.

He said that the attempts made to interfere with the work of their satellites had not succeeded, without revealing details of the new software and hardware protection system

“I’m definitely not going to talk about it in detail, because why give a hint to those people who don’t wish us anything good?” explained the CEO of Kosmicheskaya Svyaz.

Earlier, Volin informed the agency about repeated attempts from the territory of our nearest neighbors to jam or change the information coming from Russian communication satellites.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency