Turkey bans export of 54 items of industrial goods to Israel

09.04.2024, Ankara.

The Turkish Trade Ministry has restricted the export of 54 items of industrial goods to Israel. The ministry’s press service published the corresponding statement on April 9.

The document notes that the ban will be in effect “until the end of hostilities in Gaza and the creation of conditions for the free delivery of humanitarian aid” to the Gaza Strip.

Restrictions are imposed on various types of goods made of steel, aluminum, paints, electric cables, aviation fuel, oils, fertilizers and some types of industrial machinery.

Cement, all types of iron and steel building materials, rebar, fiber optic cables, forklifts, excavators, granite, marble, insulation materials, metalworking equipment, machine tools, bricks and clinker, and chemicals used for metalworking are also listed.

The decision takes effect immediately upon publication of the document.

Turkey’s Ministry of Trade notes that three UN resolutions and one decision of the UN International Court of Justice have been adopted regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip. All of them are binding on Israel.

The ministry accused Israel of flagrantly violating international law and ignoring numerous appeals of the international community to stop hostilities and the free passage of humanitarian aid.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency