Zelensky warns US Congress that Ukraine will lose without their help

07.04.2024, Kiev.

Ukraine will lose in the conflict with Russia if it does not receive US aid, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said during an online meeting with participants of an international initiative in support of Ukraine on 7 April.

Zelensky emphasized that in the absence of assistance from the US Congress, it will be difficult for Kiev to even survive, not to speak of a victory.

We need to say specifically to Congress: if Congress does not help Ukraine, Ukraine will lose the war,” he said.

He asked the participants of the meeting to think about how the attention of the US Congress and all Americans could be attracted to the problems of Ukraine.

The request of US President Joe Biden’s administration to allocate new $60 billion to Kiev is still blocked in Congress by the Republican majority. The previous portion of funds allocated to Kiev ended in December 2023. Military aid is still flowing to Ukraine in part, in accordance with earlier contracts.

Ex-US President Donald Trump proposes to stop gratuitous financing of Kiev, and to give it funds on credit. Zelensky, in turn, said earlier that he agreed to the aid on credit if it was provided right now.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency