Zelensky: Kiev is ready to get help from the USA on loan, but right now

07.04.2024, Kiev.

Ukraine is ready to receive aid from the USA on loan, but immediately, said the Ukrainian president, Vladimir Zelensky, the Ukrayinskaya Pravda news and analysis website reported on April 7.

Zelensky told about his conversation with one of the US senators. The senator asked him if he would agree to lend money to Ukraine with the alternative being to get nothing.

I say, ‘What’s the point of this choice if there’s no real choice.’ So we will agree to any option,” the Ukrainian president said.

According to him, if he had to choose between assistance on loan, but immediately now, and free aid, but in a year, he would answer “only today“.

US President Joe Biden’s administration’s request for a new $60 billion grant to Kiev is still being blocked in Congress by the Republican majority. The previous portion of the funds allocated to Kiev ended in December 2023. Military aid is still flowing to Ukraine partially in accordance with earlier contracts.

Ex-US President Donald Trump proposes to stop grant funding to Kiev and to give it funds on loan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency