Kurginyan explains who has a real impact on the destiny of Transcaucasia and Armenia

07.04.2024, Moscow.

The key role in Transcaucasia belongs to Iran, Russia, and Turkey, but good relations between them altogether will not last long, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on March 16 on the Right to Know program on channel TVC.

Armenia in its recent period, leaving out tsars or ancient period, had to chose who would slaughter it, the Turks or the Persians, and this honor mostly went to the Turks. Now Armenia wants the same,” Kurginyan said.

Commenting the policy of the Armenian authorities, which have recently spoiled their relations with Russia a lot while trying to establish ties with Azerbaijan and Turkey, the political scientist indicated that Armenia follows Russia’s policy in a way.

Well, the Russians are friends with the Turks and with Azerbaijan, then what can we do here, why do we need the Russians?” he explained the Armenian authorities’ line of thinking.

At the same time, President of France Emmanuel Macron interferes with the situation, but he cannot seriously affect Armenia’s security. “This is a consolation prize for the Armenian diaspora in France, but not mainstream politics,” the political scientist noted.

Meanwhile, a really influential actor in Transcaucasia is Iran, but Armenia, according to Kurginyan, is reluctant to see this.

There is Iran. And it will not go away. And I even have been asked by certain members of quite official Iran to make it clear that if anyone attempts to change borders there, it will take four days to enter Armenia and to deal with it their own way,” he stressed.

According to the political scientist, Russia is trying to maintain good relations with all the forces in Transcaucasia. “We have to rightfully partner both with Iran, with which we are now tied with all the pro-American line, and with Turkey with its eccentric position despite its membership in NATO,” Kurginyan noted.

We expect an ideal composition of an Arab-Turkish-Iranian agreement on the pan-Islamic field. Can anyone believe in this? There will never be such a composition!” the political scientist stressed.

The political scientist stressed that no one can remove Iran from the political map. “Then the question is when will an uncertainty appear in the relations between Turkey and Iran? Thank God, there is none so far. But what will we do when it happens? There is no problem of Russian-Armenian relations. There is a problem of Russian-Turkish relations. This is the key problem,” he said.

According to him, the situation in Transcaucasia “must be kept under control as long as we can,” but this will not last long. “And not because the Russians do not want to. The Russians want. But because something else will happen on the other side,” Kurginyan stressed.

Iran makes no obstacles for us, it is not a NATO member, and we have no Iranian diaspora on our territory. But the concept of Turan will work sooner or later. And it will work on our territory. And this is where all the problems begin,” the political scientist explained.

He explained that the future problems around Armenia cannot be resolved in Yerevan; larger players will resolve them. “These are problems of global policy,” the political scientist added.

He explained that the Armenian authorities’ behavior have deprived Armenia of any subjectivity in the geopolitically important Transcaucasian region. “This is a major game, within which Armenia is a negligible component, and it has become almost zero after it surrendered Karabakh,” the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency