Ukraine’s attacks on Russian refineries harm Washington. Opinion

03.04.2024, Moscow.

The rising price of gasoline in the United States, which Washington attributes to Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries in Russia, is an unnecessary problem for the administration of US President Joe Biden in the run-up to the presidential election, according to the report from the theater of war, published in The Essence of Time newspaper, issue 579.

The Financial Times wrote in late March that the White House was irritated by Ukrainian drone attacks on oil refineries, terminals, warehouses and storage facilities in Russia. Russia is one of the world’s largest gas and oil exporters and maintains its position in this area despite Western sanctions.

According to the newspaper, Washington has repeatedly urged Ukraine to stop attacking Russian oil refineries, fearing a rise in global oil prices. The newspaper said that oil prices rose by 15 percent this year, reaching $85 per barrel. This has led to a rise in fuel prices just as the campaign for the US presidential election is underway.

“Gasoline price hikes in the United States before the elections are of no use at all to the current Biden administration,” The Essence of Time editorial reads.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency