Russian “Joker” drones learn to perform air defense tasks

31.03.2024, Russia.

The Joker-10 FPV drones have been modified to perform air defense tasks. This was reported by Dmitry Kuzyakin, general director of the UAV designer company, in an interview with RIA Novosti on March 31.

Dmitry Kuzyakin, general director of the Center for Complex Unmanned Solutions, confirmed that the Joker-10 drone is a completely new FPV-air defense project. Using heat trap tubes, these drones can attack Ukrainian Army drones by using explosives and colliding with them.

We have invented and implemented a new scenario for FPV drones and included a new role in the arsenal – FPV air defense and close air perimeter protection,” he said.

Kuzyakin explained that the drone is attached with tubes filled with explosives and striking elements instead of the high-temperature mass normally used in such devices. The latest Joker-10 model can be fitted with up to 6 such tubes.

Under pilot control, these projectiles can be launched without recoil, creating a cloud of shrapnel and shooting down enemy drones.

At the same time, the CEO said that the Joker-10 FPV drones can act as a “cost-effective alternative to expensive anti-missiles.” He added that the drones used by the AFU to attack Russian territory are often made of styrofoam and are therefore not visible on radar.

This makes the adaptation of FPV drones for air defense feasible. Moreover, the cost of one anti-missile far exceeds the cost of the drone it destroys.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency