Kurginyan: To win, Russia needs an absolutely different army and defense industry

01.03.2024, Aleksandrovskoye.

NATO is practically involved in the war against Russia, and we need an absolutely different army and weapons to win, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on February 20 in his original broadcast Destiny.

The political scientist indicated quite a number of major problems revealed during Russia’s confrontation with the West in Ukraine.

Take our navy. The Black Sea Fleet – yes. But what about the Baltic Fleet? Suppose something will take place on the Baltic Sea tomorrow. What about the defense systems? What about the space umbrella above?

All this must be able to counter not just Ukraine, but the huge West, even if it might be disordered, decaying West as they used to say,” Kurginyan notes.

It is important to understand that Russia is facing alone the entire Western world, and we cannot expect any help to come. Therefore, it would be too soon to feel happy that we have outpaced certain countries in weapons.

And no one will offer us any help .We must do something ourselves. Here we are 140 million against one billion, which means incomparable capabilities,” he says.

The European Union takes joint actions, speaking every day about the Russian threat and considering various versions of this threat, “the entire NATO is preparing for a war, not only rhetorically… but now economically as well, deploying bases and air force, and of course it is responsible for all the high-technology operations attributed to the Ukrainians,” the political scientist notes.

Although no personnel of the armies of the Western countries is involved in the Ukrainian conflict, the NATO forces have already been making sensitive attacks on the Russian army and navy.

No NATO brigade or even battalions are involved in the war. Mercenaries are involved, whatever they are. They are retired SAS members, or not retired, or it can be the French legion etc., we do not know.

But as soon as it gets to a technical operations without exposing any personnel, everything is under military specialists’ control. It is them who watched our ships. It is them who controlled all those swarms of surface drones,” Kurginyan believes.

According to the political scientist, NATO will soon make high-technology attacks against our cities claiming it was the Ukrainians.

And we, regrettably, will have to swallow it, because the alternative is a nuclear war that no one needs. But we have to win in a conventional one,” he adds.

Attacks against the Russian cities will only escalate, and we should understand this and develop an effective defense system, Kurginyan says.

They will do everything, no one will abandon Ukraine. All this panic that they are leaving it alone is a typical hysteria, a publicity stunt etc. No one will leave it. The money will be paid sooner or later, Europe will cover the expenses, the Russian money will be expropriated and divided among the Western bandits and the Ukrainian bandits. And some part of it will also be used.”

With this kind of a war, the transition of the Ukrainian army to the defensive can last quite long, the analyst believes.

This is a super-positional war, which is not a repetition of World War One or anything else. It is different. This is the network-centric warfare when you just move a major unit and it is immediately hit, and everything is over,” Kurginyan says.

And in order to hold out in this new war and to win, Russia “needs an absolutely different defense industry and an absolutely different army, taking into account what we have,” the political scientist concludes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency