Germany’s elites mask the legacy of Nazism with words about Western values. Opinion

01.03.2024, Berlin.

The ideological legacy of fascism continues to characterize West German society at all levels to this day, documentary filmmaker Wilhelm Domke-Schulz wrote in an article titled “Post-Traumatic Suppression” published by the news portal Berlin 24/7 on February 28.

In West Germany, after the surrender of the Third Reich in 1945, there was neither a change of ownership nor a change of elites, so the author is convinced that no real social transformation took place there either.

According to him, old West German politicians still cannot bring themselves to honestly call May 8 or 9 Liberation Day, because for decades the only words used in Germany to refer to Germany’s military surrender were “collapse,” “fall,” or “catastrophe.

“These phrases alone reveal the true character of this society, which had to be destroyed by the inexorable Allied armed force to finally put an end to the mass murder and genocide it was committing,” Domke-Schultz stated.

He noted that West German “democrats” even today when asked why the so-called liberal-democratic basic order in West Germany was built mostly by old fascists, give the stereotypical answer that “there were no others who could have done it.” But, according to Domke-Schulz, such practices have produced corresponding consequences.

As the German documentary filmmaker explained, the mass distribution of so-called ‘Persilscheins’ [certificates that a person has a clean political past – Rossa Primavera News Agency], which confirm millions of positive denazification procedures, does not turn fanatical ideologues into impeccable democrats, even if they are officially certified and officially confirmed.

“The defensive assertion that ‘there were no others’ is, on the one hand, nothing more than a post-traumatic suppression of one’s own guilt for an unresolved fascist past, and on the other hand, an often purely intuitive unwillingness to part with the hackneyed core ideas of the fascist ideology of the dominant race , which after the end of the war was manipulatively and successfully transformed into the so-called ideology of Western values, a modern form of the old Western ‘ideologies of world domination’,” said Domke-Schulz.

“This brown shadow continues to characterize West German society at all levels to this day,” he added.

At the same time, the author points out that in East Germany – in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) – the Nazi legacy was eradicated. “The post-war development of the Soviet occupation zone, which was completely at odds with the West, clearly demonstrates that things could have been very different,” concludes the German documentary filmmaker.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency