Kurginyan describes the navy’s strategic problem

27.02.2024, Aleksandrovskoye.

The discussion of the most important problems of the Special Operation should not remove the consideration of strategic issues from the agenda, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said in his original broadcast Destiny published on February 20.

He indicated that authoritative experts valued by him as well as by the military community comment in detail the loss of another Russian Navy ship, and they discuss the details that led to this loss.

As for me, firstly, I take the current events increasingly seriously, although it would seem they couldn’t get any more serious,” the political scientist stressed.

Kurginyan noted that this serious attitude gives him strong confidence that “we must receive information about the current events strictly from official sources.” He stressed that this is not only an issue of ethics, but also of how serious and responsible we feel about the current events.

This is why I will not discuss directly what the military experts report,” the political scientist stressed. He noted, however, that this is not necessary, because there are official statements reporting major losses of the Russian navy during the conflict with Ukraine.

As for the experts who discuss what caused these losses, I think this is where we have a sort of a fork,” Kurginyan noted. He said that the experts who discuss these problems are right because indeed “there is recklessness as well as strong reluctance to perform even simplest actions that would minimize the risk for our ships.”

The political scientist noted that this is as doubtless as the fact that our army fails to use in full its counter-battery capabilities, “the quality of which will finally determine the situation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and thus the global situation.”

Kurginyan stressed that these issues are quite serious, and the experts who discuss them are right. “This situation, as it is absolutely correct, should take place, because we have to find a way to combat recklessness, and it is quite serious, and I will discuss this, too,” the political scientist noted.

The philosopher noted that the discussion around numerous details, although they are really important, removes the strategic aspect of the problem from the agenda. “And then you feel even somewhat embarrassed when you begin to discuss it like ‘you apparently want to switch the conversation to strategy and to diffuse what we really have in our practical life, i.e. the details that need to be fixed,’” Kurginyan stressed.

The political scientist said that he does not want to diffuse anything or to deny the importance of these issues; in contrast, he believes these are urgent problems that will determine our country’s future.

But this does not mean that there are no strategic problems at all,” the philosopher noted.

According to Kurginyan, the strategic aspect of the situation is that the navies in the world, not only the Russian Navy, are in an absolutely new military situation now, because the combination of robotic systems – submersible, surface, and aerial – due to their coordinated operations put any navy in a very difficult situation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency