NATO may use a military airfield in Moldova. Opinion

20.02.2024, Moscow.

The Moldovan airfield in Marculesti is a unique military facility located near the theater of military operations in Ukraine, which can be used by NATO for training NATO combat aircraft, according to the report from the theater of war, published in The Essence of Time newspaper, issue 573.

In early February, the Moldovan authorities denied the information in the mass media that the Moldovan army’s military airfield of Marculesti would be used to deploy F-16 fighter jets there after its transfer to Ukraine.

“The airfield in Marculesti is suitable for the operation of not only fighter aircraft, but also for receiving almost all types of heavy bombers and super-heavy military transport aircraft. It cannot be ruled out that already during the current largest NATO military maneuvers in Europe, Steadfast Defender 2024, this airfield can be used for stationing and training of NATO combat aircraft.

In the context of the ongoing military operations in Ukraine, the base in Markulesti is a unique military facility in close proximity to the theater of military operations and is not located on NATO territory,” The Essence of Time editorial reads.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency