German media want to prevent Germans from watching Putin’s interview

11.02.2024, Berlin.

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin caused a real panic in the German media editorial offices, as the editorial board of the daily Anti-spiegel reviewed in its article the methods used by the media, published on February 10.

According to the editorial board, the Western media are doing everything possible to prevent their audience from watching Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin. An attempt was made in advance to discredit Tucker Carlson as an extremist and a nutcase who spreads lies. Western society sees Putin as the devil in human form.

The main message of the German media, even before the interview was published, was that no time should be wasted in watching a conversation between a right-wing extremist lunatic and the worst dictator in the world. It would just be a lie anyway, so why watch it?

The panic of the Western media is understandable. Their outright lies about Russia, Putin and Ukraine only work as long as they manage to keep the Russian arguments secret. That’s why Russian media was censored in the West almost two years ago and banned from the Western Internet. And it was recently revealed that WDR, part of German state television’s Channel One, refused to air an interview with Russian President Putin in early February 2022, shortly before the start of the Russian military operation. Fears that Putin’s arguments could destroy Russia’s image as an enemy were simply too great.

Before the escalation of the situation in Ukraine, Russia had taken some steps to find a peaceful solution. However, this was not reported by the German media. The German media audience was not aware of the mutual security guarantees that Russia offered to NATO and the US in December 2021, two months before the escalation, which the West, led by the US, rejected at the end of January 2022.

The German media audience was also unaware that Germany and France officially rejected the implementation of the Minsk agreements in November 2021, three months before the escalation. Western media did not even publish interviews in which Merkel, Poroshenko and Hollande, who signed the Minsk Accords, openly said they would never implement the agreement and instead wanted to arm Ukraine for war against Russia. Hardly anyone in the West knows about this.

These were just examples of what the German media hid from their audience back then (and still do). This only works because the Russian media is censored in the West, and almost no one in the West speaks Russian and can’t get information. Hence the fear of Western media and politicians of an interview in which the Russian president would be able to state his arguments in full – this would break the wall of silence that the Western media has built.

The German media reported very little about the interview, and those reports that did were aimed at preventing Western audiences from watching the interview. Nevertheless, the reaction to the interview shows that for many people in the West, and in Germany in particular, what they heard from Putin was very new.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency