Kurginyan: November 7, 1917 saved the world from disillusionment in ideals

08.11.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

November 7, 1917 saved the world from a massive disillusionment, political scientist, philosopher, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on November 7 in a special edition of his author’s program Destiny.

November 7, 1917 is a great day. It is great also because it laid the foundation for the Soviet civilization, which, if it had won the Great Patriotic War only, would have gone down in history forever, because major accomplishments cannot be taken out of history. And this is a major accomplishment,” Kurginyan said.

According to him, it is also a great day because those who made the revolution, then did the unthinkable, which is called the Russian miracle, went beyond the limits of the possible and in 10 years moved the country from sixth place, where the Russian Empire was, to the second and defeated fascism.

Kurginyan also noted that those who made this great day dreamed of Russia’s greatness. “They dreamed of it quite differently from the tired and decaying authorities. Lenin sent echelons and regiments to build Volkhov Hydroelectric Station in the worst days of the Socialist Revolution, and immediately after the Civil War he began dreaming of GOELRO [first of Soviet Russia’s plans for national economic recovery and development]. And all those who made the revolution dreamed of this incredible breakthrough of the new Russia. And they realized it,” the political scientist said.

Sergey Kurginyan also noted that November 7, 1917 is a great day also because something preceded it, “It was preceded by a terrible disillusionment in the ideals of the Great French Bourgeois Revolution, in all that ‘liberty, equality, fraternity’, ‘the kingdom of reason’ and so on.”

Kurginyan explained that this disillusionment began shortly after the French Revolution, when the bourgeois system showed its underside. Then the disappointment took a terrible form during World War I, a senseless and merciless war, “when humanity, believing before that the bourgeoisie would at least ensure the peaceful prosperity of the world without war, without horrors and convulsions, on the basis of some ideals of reason, and then this ideal of reason turned out to be blatant madness.”

According to Kurginyan, then humanity was terribly disappointed and suddenly realized that it had no real historical perspective, no dream, no sacred future. And what happened on November 7, 1917, became such a future for all of humanity, not only for the countries that one after another became communist, but for those who fought against this communism, the political scientist said.

“It was still clear that Western civilization, a civilization based on the ideals of the Great French Revolution, and the Bolsheviks were quite based on these ideals and kept comparing themselves to the Jacobins, that this civilization, dreaming of progress, of some paradise on earth, about some kind of happiness in the future, about the dawn of the coming happiness, about the light at the end of the tunnel and everything else, that this civilization, which talked about all this, had one single argument in favor of the fact that all this was possible – November 7, 1917 and the shot from the Aurora,” Kurginyan summarized.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency