Hero of Russia returns to zone special military operation

06.11.2023, Moscow.

Hero of Russia Colonel Rustam Sayfullin, who was wounded twice during Russia’s special military operation, decided to return to the front to support his regiment, RIA Novosti wrote on November 6.

Sayfullin led the 40th Military Engineer Regiment of the 41st Combined Arms Army and continued to command his unit despite difficulties at the Seversky Donets crossing, where he was seriously wounded. Sayfullin was deservedly awarded the title of Hero of Russia for his courage and heroism.

After his recovery, he was appointed deputy head of the Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School.

Sayfullin says he decided to return to the front lines because it is his duty as an officer to pass on his experience to young commanders. “I have no right to stay somewhere at home, feeling sorry for myself, lying on my bed,” the Hero of Russia said.

He also visited his comrades-in-arms and assessed their service. Sayfullin expressed satisfaction with how the regiment successfully and coherently fulfills its tasks.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency