Kurginyan: Consumeristic Israel will eventually be wiped out by the caliphate

04.11.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

This consumeristic Israel will win one more round, but then it will be wiped out by the caliphate, in which there is no room for it, with the help of its admired Western handlers, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on October 17 in his original broadcast Destiny.

“Israel was created by the will of two persons, Joseph Stalin and Lavrenty Beria,” Kurginyan reminded. He added that “it was supposed to be socialist. For quite a long time it was quite intensely socialist. That Zionism had a strong component of the socialist ideas.”

The first generations of the Israelis had very socialist views.

The commitment of those generations was due to, firstly, their memories about the Holocaust, which were fresh, and secondly, the fact that the European countries refused to accept their Jews back after the defeat of Hitler’s Germany.

“<…> Israel lived in a diaspora. And it began this project after the Holocaust when it became clear that the Jews were not even allowed to return to Europe after the Holocaust, after the defeat of Nazism. This is a hidden page of history. The Czechs refused to accept the expelled Jews back, the French refused, and definitely the Poles refused,” Kurginyan noted.

Then, the philosopher explains, a movement of people who had survived in the Holocaust began, who said, “Let us become like the other peoples.” “It was [Theodor] Herzl who said we should become similar to the other people, to be a nation, too, Zion, with our own territory, or scope of problems, our type of man,” he reminded.

Kurginyan indicated that Zionists hated most of all a cosmopolitic Jew who integrated into alien countries and became involved there in trade or science or art.

“They said, ‘We will build a new Jew (a new man), he will be a Sabra. He will be a soldier, an athlete, a plain and simple guy, we do not need all these Einsteins anymore,’” the political scientist stressed.

According to Kurginyan, when in the early 21st century Condoleezza Rice said that the USA changed its strategy to an absolutely opposite one and that all its former friends were now enemies and all its former enemies were now friends, she meant the Muslim Brotherhood (organization banned in Russia) and Islamic Jihad (organization banned in Russia).

That was accounted for by the US building democracy on the globe. “<…> and democracy in this world is the coming of a radical Islamism. And Caliphatism! It became absolutely clear that the Americans switched to this two-layer model, and that leaving Afghanistan was part of this transition.”

At the same time, Israel increasingly adopted a concept of modernist consumeristic half-relaxed existence, Kurginyan stresses.

“Israel rejected its mobilization sentiments as early as in 1970s. I caught some relicts of that model in early 1990s,” the philosopher explained.

Kurginyan noted that, as he researched certain issues continuously and he attended international anti-terrorist forums in Herzliya, where he spoke at plenary meetings of major conferences, he could see how Israel was becoming more “philistine, well-fed, wealth-oriented.”

“<…>The relatively ascetic Israeli model of existence that I liked so much, which was modest, moderate in clothes and cars, free from any major luxury, was increasingly transforming into a cult of wealth, a need to be rich,” the political scientist stressed.

Sergey Kurginyan noted that Israel was going away form the mobilization pattern the same way as Russia was going away from it after Stalin, and as Armenia and Karabakh left it when they rested on their laurels after the First Karabakh war.

Kurginyan indicated that as the situation escalated first on the Balkans, in Serbia, then in Ukraine, then in Karabakh and Armenia, and now in Israel, all these are flashes that sooner or later will have to merge in one big fire, in which those who orient to wealth will not survive.

“This consumeristic Israel will win one more round, but then it will be wiped off by the caliphate. There is no room for it. Its adored Western handlers will help it be wiped off,” the political scientist explained.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency