Kurginyan: Biden and Netanyahu think about their hold for power, and not about the future

01.11.2023, Moscow.

In their confrontation with Palestine, US President Joseph Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do not think about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, they think about future elections, said political scientist, philosopher, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on October 21 on the Right to Know program on the TVC channel.

According to the political scientist, US President Joe Biden flew to Israel to “get Jewish votes and the Jewish electoral machine in his favor.

What did Biden really talk about with Netanyahu in todays world of petty politics? Of course, he was talking about elections. And he said: you see, you are screwed, and look – I do support you. Meanwhile, you support Trump? Thats not good! – explained the philosopher.

Former US President Donald Trump is also taking actions which are not very typical for him after seeing Biden’s maneuvering, who flew to Israel to meet Netanyahu, added the expert.

I don’t know how soon, but we’re about to see pro-Palestinian Trump, amazing enough. He is a strange character, because he keeps pushing through, saying: give me these votes,” says the philosopher.

Kurginyan believes that during meetings between Biden and Netanyahu there were no discussions regarding plans for either the near or distant future.

“Tomorrow? Were they discussing any strategy? Others do discuss strategy, but these dont,” said the political scientist.

The Israeli parliament does not have sufficient power in the country, Kurginyan explained. Just like the intelligence services and the oligarchy. In Israel, “the real center of power is a small number of some senior judges who can immediately turn the process in any direction, when necessary, and they see that something is coming up”.

By initiating judicial reform in the country, Netanyahu, according to the political scientist, “challenged the most powerful force in Israel. All of Israel is in full swing protesting against this judicial reform, against the power of judges. But this is a big game. He is stuck, he is in limbo.

Kurginyan believes that now that Israel is at war, Netanyahu is “making a national consensus government, a government of war. He starts maneuvering so that the war would not kick him out, but rather strengthen his position, if possible.

Therefore, neither Biden, nor Trump, nor Netanyahu are engaged in developing any strategy, the political scientist claims.

Who is focused on developing a strategy there? Thats a serious question. Whos thinking about tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow? Not those who are stuck in limbo. Biden will go to prison if he loses. Same thing is for Trump, Netanyahu too. And everyone is busy with current events. How to prevail here and now? And you can see how Biden is fussing, Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency