Pope calls for humanitarian corridor out of Gaza Strip

15.10.2023, Rome.

Pope Francis made an appeal to release hostages and provide a humanitarian corridor from the Gaza Strip at the end of his traditional Sunday sermon in St. Peter’s Square from the window of the Apostolic Palace, the Vatican press service reported on October 15.

The pontiff said he was following the events in Israel and Palestine with great pain. He called for the release of all hostages and asked that civilians, including children, the elderly, women and sick people, should not become casualties of the conflict.

Humanitarian law must be respected, especially in Gaza, where there is an urgent need for humanitarian corridors and assistance for the entire population,” he said.

The Pope noted that events in Israel and the Gaza Strip have already claimed many lives. Any war, he said, is already a defeat. He called for an end to the shedding of blood in the Holy Land, Ukraine and all other places.

He urged the faithful to pray with the Church of Israel and join in fasting on October 17. He concluded his speech with a prayer to the Mother of Christ.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency