Abkhazia’s Foreign Minister supports the idea of joining Union State of Russia and Belarus

10.10.2023, Moscow.

Abkhazia supports the Union State, which it can equally join together with Russia and Belarus, Abkhazian Foreign Minister Inal Ardzinba said on October 10 on the air of Channel One.

“We are in favor of observing the principle of sovereign equality of states, when interstate associations respect countries, respect their identity, their cultural code. Therefore, we want to be together with the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus,” Ardzinba said.

According to him, the joining of Abkhazia to the Union State fully corresponds to the core interests of the people of the republic. He added that at the moment, the foundation for the recognition of Abkhazia’s independence by Belarus is being created.

“We are creating the foundation for this decision to be taken, recognition cannot arise by itself, recognition must be prepared. It is necessary to formulate the principles of our joint work and it is necessary to start the implementation of trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian projects, which we are now doing together with our Belarusian brothers,” said the head of the Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia.

He noted that the first deliveries of Abkhazian goods to Belarus had already begun. Soon a government delegation from Abkhazia will visit Belarus to establish trade and economic cooperation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency