First ship sailing from China via the Northern Sea Route arrives in Russian Baltiysk

06.10.2023, Baltiysk.

The first ship traveling from China to St. Petersburg by the Northern Sea Route arrived in Baltiysk, Governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov wrote on his Telegram channel on October 6.

The Governor noted that the ship left Shanghai and passed through the Northern Sea Route. Earlier, it made a stop at Arkhangelsk, and now it has entered Baltiysk. The final point of the route is St. Petersburg.

“Transportation companies are planning to make this logistics product permanent. It turns out to be cheaper and faster than via the Suez Canal,” Alikhanov said.

The Northern Sea Route runs along the northern Russian coasts along the seas of the Arctic Ocean (Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Chukchi Seas), connecting the ports of the European part of Russia and the mouths of navigable Siberian rivers with the Far East.

In July 2023, a regular container line of the Chinese shipping company NewNew Shipping Line was launched along the Northern Sea Route between China and the ports of Arkhangelsk, Bolshoi Port of St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Four container ships are currently operating on the line. NewNew Shipping Line reported about plans to put 8-10 more container ships on the line along the Northern Sea Route in 2024.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency