Russian Guards tankers capture two groups of Ukrainian militants

02.10.2023, Artemovsk.

Russian soldiers of the 1st Guards Tank Army took two groups of Ukrainian militants prisoner, a member of the reconnaissance group told RIA Novosti on October 2.

The groups were captured northwest of Artemovsk. All the fighters were mobilized under the Kiev regime’s law.

They served in the 77th Airmobile Brigade and the 56th Independent Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Ukrainian armed units.

The prisoners said that the bodies of the killed are no longer being evacuated from their positions near Artemovsk. Some corpses have been at the positions for several months.

According to the prisoners, they were sent to hold these positions to show that Ukraine controls more territory. In military terms, neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian side needs these positions, as they are not located in militarily important areas.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency