Another debris of Ukrainian S-300 missile found in Transnistria

27.09.2023, Tiraspol.

A local resident discovered new rocket debris near the village of Chitcani, Novosti Pridnestrovia wrote on September 27.

A resident of the Transnistrian village of Chitcani was working in the field on the evening of September 26. While working, he noticed several unusual cylindrical metal objects, which he immediately reported to the law enforcement authorities.

Representatives of the Transnistrian Ministry of Defense, military engineers, an investigation team and representatives of the Joint Control Commission arrived at the scene. The experts reported that a piece about three meters long is a part of a S-300 anti-aircraft missile. The second piece is a marching engine from this missile.

The investigation team suggests that the debris may belong to the same missile that was found on September 25 in the vegetable garden of a local resident of the same village.

On September 25, at around 1 a.m., residents of Tiraspol, Bender and nearby villages heard two very loud explosions. In the morning, a resident of the village of Chitcani found the warhead of a S-300 missile in his vegetable garden.

After military engineers took away the missile, the local resident showed journalists the destructive elements that had been spilled from the missile onto his vegetable garden.

Law enforcement agencies believe that the missile was fired by Ukrainian air defense forces.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency