Russia’s defense enterprise returns to the development of a hypersonic sniper round

19.09.2023, Moscow.

Lobaev Arms resumed testing of a hypersonic sniper round, the company’s head Vladislav Lobaev told RIA Novosti on September 19.

According to Lobaev, the company has already completed the development of a “conditional high-speed” round, specifying that the product can fly on the verge of hypersonic speed. At the moment, tests are being carried out for heap accuracy and rate of fire.

“We can produce it in a borderline hypersonic variant or actually go hypersonic,” Lobaev said.

Everything will depend on the final mass of the round of the serial sample, Vladislav Lobaev added.

Lobanov said that the company had previously started production of hypersonic sniper rounds, but was forced to suspend work due to the high demand for the needs of supplying soldiers participating in Russia’s special military operation. The situation on the front has changed now. The enemy has 10×100 mm sniper rounds that penetrate defenses at a distance of almost two kilometers.

Recall, Lobaev Arms is the first private Russian arms company, producing high-precision long-range rifles since 2013. The company’s weapons are actively used in the zone of Russia’s special military operation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency