Tank of Russian Army Group Vostok put a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles to flight

15.09.2023, Moscow.

A tank of the Russian Army Group Vostok put a column of Ukrainian armored vehicles to flight, the head of the group’s press center Oleg Chekhov told RIA Novosti on September 15.

He spoke about the battle, which was led by a crew under the command of the corporal Tsatsulin. Russian heroes shelled a column of Ukrainian equipment.

“Coherence and combat experience of the tank crew allowed them to destroy several enemy armored vehicles with manpower. The remaining forces of the nationalists had no success and abandoned their offensive attempts,” Chekhov said.

The head of the press center specified that the Russian tank crew performed a feat in the South Donetsk direction. Group “Vostok” repelled three attacks of the enemy. It retreated, suffering losses. In addition, they stopped the rotation of Ukrainian units located near Novodonetskoye by destroying the enemy’s vehicles and manpower.

Rossa Primavera News Agency wrote in June about a tank named “Alyosha”, which stopped a column of Ukrainian equipment consisting of two tanks and six armored vehicles near Novodonetskoye. The corresponding video was posted on the internet. Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the crew members with Hero of Russia stars.

The tank was sent to Moscow, it will become a monument to the courage and honor of Russian tankers. The heroic tank crew got a new vehicle.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency