Former Director of Czech Military Intelligence Service says conflict will lead Ukraine to collapse

08.09.2023, Prague.

Ukraine faces a real threat of significant losses and possible destruction as a result of the current conflict, the former Director of Czech Military Intelligence Service, retired General Andor Sándor said in an interview with the Polish magazine Mysl Polska on September 8.

The expert notes that even after the end of hostilities, Russia will retain its importance as a link for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, based on the historical experience of the region.

The general also pointed out that many countries could be drawn into the conflict, even without a clear desire to do so. He noted that in the past, states have often claimed that they have no intention to intervene in conflicts, but eventually had to make decisions.

These warnings by Shandor are in line with the concerns expressed by US journalist Jackson Hinkle, who argued that the future of the Ukrainian conflict may depend on the conditions that Russia sets.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency