Hero of Russia: “Leopards” are readily blown by mines into pieces

05.09.2023, Moscow.

Russian mines are perfectly capable of destroying German Leopard tanks. The deputy head of the Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School, Hero of Russia, Colonel Rustam Sayfullin said this, RIA Novosti informed on September 5.

“We have seen footage of both Leopards and infantry fighting vehicles being blown up by our anti-tank mines. It was previously stated that the ‘Leopard’ tank is such a wonderful machine that will come and our troops, so to speak, will be crushed. But we see that the Leopard burns perfectly and readily blown by mines into pieces,” Sayfullin said.

He also noted that the Russian army has enough stockpiles of mines to stop Leopards and Bradleys.

Colonel Sayfullin was awarded the title of Hero of Russia for his courage and heroism in carrying out combat missions during Russia’s special military operation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency