Russian BMP-3 makers compare their IFV to US Bradley

01.09.2023, Kurgan.

Kurganmashzavod specialists studied the characteristics of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and compared it with the Russian BMP-3, Roman Khromov, deputy director for state defense procurement, said.

Khromov said that the Bradleys that were transported to their enterprise from the area of Russia’s special operation are not analogous to the BMP-3. “The study of the trophies confirms that the BMP-3 surpasses the US IFV by a level in terms of the totality of its characteristics, firepower, mobility, ease of operation, maintenance, and repair,” he explained.

The expert noted that the US vehicles will be unable to overcome water obstacles without thorough preparation. At the same time, the BMP-3 immediately passes water obstacles with ease.

According to the expert, the IFV Bradley has low cross-country ability on the soils that must be overcome in the special operation zone. He recalled that back in 1991, the United Arab Emirates rejected US vehicles in favor of Soviet ones.

Another weakness of the Bradley is many electronic systems. If they malfunction, the vehicle can lose its ability to fire, Khromov said.

The deputy director said the specialists continue their study of the US machine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency