Myśl Polska expressed concerns that Poland transforms into UkroPoland

31.08.2023, Warsaw.

The Polish state will be replaced by a new political entity called UkroPoland, which will be governed using the repressive methods of the Kiev authorities, columnist Konrad Rękas wrote in the Polish publication Myśl Polska on August 30.

“Poland is becoming a bi-national country, as even the mainstream media recognizes. It is possible that it will eventually turn into UkroPoland,” the journalist wrote.

He added that this new entity “will have to be governed by the methods successfully tested by Zielensky’s regime, i.e. with the help of terror, ban on the activities of the real opposition, arrests, restriction of civil and labor rights.”

He also said that the West does not consider Poland a truly democratic republic, calling its system “illiberalism,” i.e., a hybrid of party oligarchy with elements of censorship and a police state.

Rękas said that the “Ukrainianization” of Poland, its legal framework and political system would eventually lead to the country ceasing to belong to its indigenous population.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency