Russia successfully tests a laser gun to eliminate UAVs

26.08.2023, Moscow.

Successful ground tests of a laser anti-drone gun, during which it destroyed several different drones, took place in Russia, RIA Novosti wrote on August 26, citing its own source.

According to the report, the tests of the combat laser took place at one of Russia’s military training grounds. During the firing tests, the new weapon showed high efficiency in defeating UAVs in the short-range zone.

The source explained that during the tests, the infrared combat laser hit both airplane and quadrocopter-type drones, in particular, “burning through the aerodynamic surfaces of the devices or incinerating their hull together with onboard equipment.”

Leading countries of the world are actively working on tactical laser suppression and defeat systems, which should, in particular, defeat drones and munitions in the air in the short-range zone. In the United States, such systems are being developed by Lockheed Martin and Boeing, which have already demonstrated the first working samples. China is also working in this direction and has already tested the first operational units with an advanced cooling system.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency