Ukrainian armed units use phosphorus munitions on the Zaporozhye direction

25.08.2023, Melitopol.

The Ukrainian armed units used phosphorus munitions near Zherebyanka and Pyatikhatok in the Zaporozhye direction, the head of the surgical department of a separate medical battalion of the 58th Army of the Russian Armed Forces said on August 25, RIA Novosti informed.

“The use of phosphorus munitions was observed in the area of Zherebyanka, Pyatikhatok,” the doctor said. According to him, Russian anesthesiologists identified this lesion in time and took appropriate measures.

The military doctor noted that the appearance of talk in the media about the readiness of NATO countries to transfer some weapons to Kiev means that they are already beginning to be used on the front. “It starts to be used on this day,” he emphasized.

According to the UN decree of 2006, phosphorus munitions are prohibited to use in areas where civilians live.

The use of phosphorus munitions by the Ukrainian armed units was reported in April 2022 in the town of Popasnaya in the Lugansk People’s Republic. The use of phosphorus munitions by Kiev was also discussed at the UN by Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzya.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency