Russian research enterprise develops artificial intelligence-based UAV

23.08.2023, Moscow.

The Radar Mms research and production enterprise has developed an electric artificial intelligence-based UAV, capable of operating virtually without an operator, the enterprise’s executive director Ivan Antsev said on August 22, RIA Novosti informed.

Artificial intelligence controls the state of the drone and can make an independent decision to return to the base or emergency landing in case of any malfunctions, Antsev said. According to him, the device weighing 30 kg is capable of staying in the air for one and a half to two hours, moving at a speed of up to 90 km/h.

“The task is to get away from the operator as much as possible, to automate as much as possible, thereby reducing the cost of this or that service, this is the essence of the new development,” the executive director emphasized.

The use of an electric motor makes the drone cheaper, simplifies its operation, and allows it to be charged automatically. It also has a much longer service life due to fewer moving parts, he added.

According to Antsev, such vehicles will be charged in special drone ports. When one drone arrives for charging, another will immediately fly out to continue its functions.

In the future, multifunctional transportation systems can be developed on the basis of this drone, capable of “working without an operator at all in a long moment of time,” the executive director believes.

Earlier, specialists of the company Aviation and Space Development BEGAK announced the development of a UAV with vertical takeoff, capable of reaching height of 8,000 meters and stay in the air for up to 12 hours.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency