Cybersecurity specialist Kasperskaya told what is the meaning of digital colonization

20.08.2023, Russia.

Common users of information systems are extremely dependent on the developers of such systems massively used around the world, which is in fact the digital colonization, said Natalia Kasperskaya, president of InfoWatch and cybersecurity specialist, in an interview with Zvezda channel on August 19.

You are an unfortunate user with whom one can do anything. That’s the meaning of digital colonization,” Kasperskaya stated. The IT specialist stated that developers and editors of information systems have managed to impose their own systems all over the world, own and control them, and common users can’t do anything about it.

Natalia Kasperskaya explained that a common user can be a large company that has paid for an information system. However, the vendors of the system may disable its operation, and the company will suffer huge losses, but will not be able to do anything against it. This scenario is confirmed by the recent withdrawal of Google services from the Russian Federation.

You are an unfortunate user who can be watched, who can be disabled, who can be fed false information, with whom you can do anything at all,” – summarized the cybersecurity specialist.

Natalia Kasperskaya, chairman of the Association of National Software Developers, said that there is a high probability of disabling all smartphones for users in Russia. According to her, this is one of the real threats to devices like iPhone and smartphones with the Android operating system.

Earlier, Kasperskaya said that Russia is ready to provide African countries with software (software) and train them to use and modify it.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency