Kurginyan: Positional war in Ukraine will continue for a long time

16.08.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

The West will not stop the conflict in Ukraine because it allows the West to successfully solving its own problems, said philosopher, analyst, and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on the air of the Conversation with a Sage program on Radio Zvezda on July 28.

Kurginyan noted that the Ukrainian counter-offensive has failed, but this does not mean that one should grow complacent. He pointed out that Ukraine’s Western handlers don’t care about this failure. They are already talking about supplying Kiev with airplanes and other weapons.

The political analyst emphasized that the West will not supply any decent weapons to Ukraine, as it takes time – about five years – to bring its army to NATO standards, but will make intensely use of the Ukrainian servicemen.

As long as there are people who can be sent to die, and as long as there are wolves who will control these people, they will be destroyed for the glory of the American military-industrial complex and the domination of the United States over Europe,” Kurginyan said.

The Essence of Time leader noted that in parallel, the United States and the West as a whole will be preparing for war with China and Russia. According to him, the West is successfully solving its tasks, so it will not stop the hostilities in Ukraine.

And no one will stop it. Everything that Republicans or anyone says about this – forget it, it’s election mantras,” Kurginyan said.

He emphasized that another factor influencing the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine is the American military-industrial complex, which has already grabbed a big chunk of military orders and will never give it back. Therefore, the positional war will continue for a long time.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency