Russian soldiers repulse six attacks of Ukrainian armed units near Svatovo and Krasny Liman

09.08.2023, Moscow.

Soldiers of the Russian Army Group Tsentr in the Svatovsk and Krasny Liman directions repulsed six attacks of the Ukrainian armed units, Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandr Savchuk, head of the group’s press center, told the Defense Ministry’s press service on August 9.

“With the support of artillery fire and air strikes, six attempted attacks by the assault groups of the 21st and 42nd mechanized brigades and the 68th gamekeeper brigade of the Ukrainian armed units were thwarted and repulsed,” he said.

Savchuk said the enemy lost about 60 servicemen, an infantry fighting vehicle, an armored vehicle and two pickup trucks during the combat. The Russian crew of the Solntsepek system also struck a Ukrainian stronghold.

In addition, Russian aviation bombed an enemy command and observation post, two temporary deployment points of the Ukrainian armed units and a Ukrainian troops’ stronghold.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency