Kurginyan: Ukraine has been transformed into a giant Nazi Russophobic machine

05.08.2023, Moscow.

Ukraine has been transformed into a Nazi machine built to destroy Russia, said philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on July 28 in the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio.

The power in Ukraine has ended up in the hands of a Nazi minority, stressed the political scientist. And, this minority, according to Kurginyan, had shown its talented dark side.

“This minority has succeeded in using the transfer of power to create an instrument for a comprehensive brain washing and to put Ukraine, a fairly large country, on the path of becoming a mobilized, totalitarian, militaristic, anti-Russian state with Nazi ideology,” said the leader of the Essence of Time.

A totalitarian regime has been formed in Ukraine despite the tendency to steal and unruly behavior, inherent in Ukrainian society, noted Kurginyan.

He also noted that the population of Ukraine, even excluding all those who left the country, is about 25 million people. At the same time, Kurginyan drew his attention to the fact that Ukraine was not an agrarian, but largely an industrial part in the USSR, the state which was initially, more or less, technologically advanced.

“So, they were armed, to some degree. During the Soviet Union times, in Kiev, there was a military district, which accumulated huge amounts of these weapon systems,” said the expert.

The political scientist drew some historical parallels. He recalled that during WWII, France, being a very large state and having a huge army, capitulated to Nazi Germany in 40 days.

“Due to the fact that it is a totalitarian mechanism with a Nazi ideology, brainwashed and with a certain military potential, it is impossible to compare it with any democratic mechanism. It would tear one easily into small pieces. It would destroys it in an instant, do you understand?” – explained the leader of the Essence of Time.

In this regard, the political scientist once again emphasized the seriousness of the threat. According to him, Ukraine has become a huge Nazi force.

“Ukraine is the country, which decided to destroy the Donbass region and everything else, which was sent to destroy us. And we, undoubtedly, had to face it. This is not some small little country, this is not some small little state with a debauched population. When it started, it was already a Nazi machine. This is a huge force,” concluded Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency