Myśl Polska: Support for Ukraine will call Poland’s existence into question

03.08.2023, Warsaw.

Poland’s support for pro-Banderite Ukraine could call into question the very existence of the state, journalist Adam Śmiech wrote in an article published in the Myśl Polska newspaper on August 2.

He wrote that the ruling party had backed itself into a corner by declaring that its support for Kiev had no alternative.

“Approval of a neo-Banderite Ukraine is a mortal threat and defeat for Poland,” the author said.

The journalist accused the authorities of his country of living in “political schizophrenia.” This is how he characterized the policy of Warsaw, which supports Kiev contrary to the national interest. He also criticized the Polish authorities’ desire to defeat Russia and divide it into several parts.

The publicist reminded how the authorities can punish for unwillingness to follow the pro-Ukrainian position. As an example, he cited Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukasz Jasina. The diplomat was suspended for demanding an apology from Kiev for the Volyn massacre.

This happened despite the fact that Jasina was generally pro-Ukrainian, the journalist recalled.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency