Ukraine loses its position as a grain supplier due to the blockage of ports by Russia

30.07.2023, Moscow.

Ukraine’s loss of its position as one of the leading suppliers of grain on the world market has deprived the country’s budget of its main source of replenishment, RIA Novosti wrote on July 30.

Multiple violations of the grain deal caused by Ukraine and the West led to the fact that Russia blocked the sea routes of grain transportation from Ukraine. As a result, the global grain market has seen a significant rise in prices. Russian wheat has risen in price to $240 per ton.

Arkady Zlochevsky, president of the Russian Grain Union, said “sea routes for Ukraine are practically cut off, which means transportation will cost Kiev much more, which will not allow it to artificially lower prices.

According to financial expert Mikhail Belyayev, agriculture is one of the few sectors that replenish the Ukrainian budget. He explained, “It’s about $80 billion, and 40-50 of that is given by grain.

Practically, according to Belyayev, Ukraine has lost “almost the last source of income, which is very painful for both the Kiev regime and its Western patrons. Even rich Europeans cannot afford to feed 30 million people“.

The Ukrainian authorities are trying to find a way out of this situation. In particular, they are negotiating with the Moldavian authorities on the transportation of grain through river ports on the Danube. So far, these attempts have not brought any results due to problems in the agricultural sector in Moldova itself and in the transportation network of this country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency