Former Europol expert Uwe G. Kranz accuses WHO of manipulation

26.07.2023, Berlin.

The World Health Organization (WHO) could be called the World Organization of Manipulation (WOM), said security and terrorism expert and former Europol expert Uwe G. Kranz in a commentary published on July 25 on the apolut platform.

According to Kranz, on its path to world domination, the WHO has explicitly left too many “corpses of fighters for freedom of expression to ignore this.” Even the international health regulations adopted in 2005 did not hide the WHO’s brutal claims to sovereignty in health matters.

The expert says that the rules should include two new mandatory tasks under the veiled title “Collaboration and assistance.”

These targets are that countries must make commitments “in countering the dissemination of false and unreliable information about public health events, preventive and anti-epidemic measures and activities in the media, social networks and other ways of disseminating such information.”

What should be considered “false and unreliable information” is not specified. Kranz wonders whether the statement by the Federal Minister of Health, Prof. Karl Lauterbach, that “vaccines are effective and safe” could be considered misleading information.

Does the statement by the Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko) that “vaccinations” pose no danger to pregnant and nursing mothers and their children fall into this category? Krantz further draws attention to the wording “other ways of disseminating such information.

Does this mean a conversation at a table in a café, inscriptions at demonstrations on posters, banners, flags or posters, a dialog on Whatsapp or a confidential conversation with friends?

Kratz notes that, generally, the WHO is making clear the spirit in which it intends to interpret legal instruments in the future. According to a resolution of the World Health Assembly, WHO’s highest decision-making body, a separate Twitter account is to be set up that will automatically monitor “desinformation” about health and send out automatic counter-messages to the recipients of that misinformation.

According to the expert, “desinformation” would be defined as any point of view that does not coincide with those disseminated by the WHO.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency