Russian Foreign Ministry tells why African countries are less likely to seek partners in the West

25.07.2023, Moscow.

The West still has a distorted perception of realities in international relations, blaming Russia both for what is happening in Ukraine and for its failures in Africa, which leads to a fierce struggle with Russia, said Oleg Ozerov, ambassador-at-large of the Russian Foreign Ministry and head of the secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum, RIA Novosti wrote on July 25.

According to Ozerov, a new system of international relations is being formed, and the West does not want to recognize this and accept this fact. The ambassador notes that this perception of international relations, detached from reality, leads the West to wrong conclusions. He cites the example of Ukraine, where the West allegedly seeks peace by using an ever-increasing scale of military actions.

“If there is a sobering up and understanding of realities in the West, Russia will only be happy about it. So far, unfortunately, we do not see it,” Ozerov said.

The diplomat noted that the West is waging a fierce struggle against Russian-African relations, including accusing Russia of pursuing an anti-French policy on the African continent. According to him, France lost its position in Africa because of its own policy based on colonial methods and principles, not because Russia allegedly contributed to weakening France’s position.

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman emphasized that African countries have ceased to trust France, that France itself has lost its authority and influence in these countries because of its policies. This leads to the fact that African countries are looking for more reliable partners both politically and militarily.

“Why is France not wanted in the same Mali or other countries? Not because France itself is such a country, but because the declarations it made when it put its military contingent in the Sahara-Sahel region have not been fulfilled and not confirmed by deeds. France has not been able to cope with security problems, with the fight against terrorism. And this is the main reason,” Ozerov added.

On July 27 and 28, the second Russia-Africa summit will be held in St. Petersburg. Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an article to coincide with this summit, outlining Russia’s plans to develop ties with African countries. In addition, Putin said that a large package of documents would be prepared and signed as a result of the summit.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency