German Defense Minister’s promise to Lithuania will cost Germany dearly

24.07.2023, Berlin.

The deployment of an additional 4 thousand German military personnel in Lithuania from 2026 on a long-term basis will cost Germany dearly, Der Spiegel magazine wrote on July 21.

In late June, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced the intention to deploy an additional 4,000 Bundeswehr soldiers in Lithuania from 2026 to strengthen the eastern flank of NATO. Der Spiegel magazine names the costs the minister’s promise would entail for Germany.

Only the maintenance of 4 thousand soldiers is estimated at €190 million a year. In addition, the soldiers should receive an allowance for service abroad, plus payments to their wives. Additional expenses will amount to about €4,000 per soldier per month.

The children of soldiers will have to be provided with 1,600 places in kindergartens and twice as many in schools. The education of the children will have to be conducted in German, which means that teachers will have to be found and transported.

It is noted that Lithuania intends to bind Germany before the defense minister changes his mind. Germany is also waiting for the announcement of the final document.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency