Russian State Duma discusses revision of Russia’s position on “Katyn question”

19.07.2023, Moscow.

The participants of a round table held in the Russian State Duma proposed revising Russia’s position on the “Katyn question” and restoration of the historical truth about the execution of Polish servicemen. Rossa Primavera News Agency‘s correspondent wrote this on July 18.

Historians, journalists, deputies, and representatives of scientific and public organizations from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Smolensk and Tver were invited to the State Duma to discuss the problematic issue of Russian-Polish relations. They discussed the problem of Poles allegedly shot dead by the NKVD in the USSR in 1940. This topic has been the subject of political speculation by anti-Russian liberal political scientists and the Polish authorities for several decades.

The round table participants emphasized that, despite the fact that there is a whole body of irrefutable evidence that Polish citizens on the territory of the USSR were executed by Nazi invaders in 1941, there is still a version that blames the Soviet state for this crime.

Against the background of the unprecedented Russophobic campaign launched recently by the Polish authorities, the question of an official revision of Russia’s state position on this issue and the restoration of historical justice arises acutely.

Aleksey Plotnikov, a well-known Russian scientist, doctor of historical sciences, member of the expert council of the State Duma Committee on Security, took part in the hearings in the State Duma. He made a keynote speech in which he proposed to immediately dismantle the plaques with the names of allegedly buried Polish servicemen in the village of Mednoye (Tver region) and to completely transform the Mednoye memorial itself.

The proposal to revise the concept of the memorials in Mednoe and Katyn (Smolensk region) was also supported by Anatoly Wasserman, a well-known intellectual and State Duma deputy. He emphasized that the legal basis is quite sufficient for such a revision, as it contains extensive factual material.

The round table participants included Sergey Rogozin, deputy chairman of the Tver Public Chamber, Yuri Sinelshchikov (Moscow), deputy of the State Duma, candidate of law, Vladimir Vasilik (St. Petersburg), Vladimir Vasilik (St. Petersburg), doctor of historical sciences, Dmitry Belyakov (Minsk), director of the Center for the Study of Prospects of EAEU Integration, and other representatives.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency